Quick Google Hacks |11 ways to Use Google like a pro!

Quick Google Hacks: We know and we use Google, Right! But Do you really use it as a pro?  I don’t know about you but in general, many of us don’t know Google very well.

We just use it to search terms and that’s all. But, do you know that we can do a lot more with Google than just searching for things in simple.

Here are 11 Ways you can use to Google like a pro. So Let’s start With the first one.

11 Ways you can use to Google like a pro.

1. Look into the Sky with Google Sky.

Are you interested in space, planets, stars and other space science things? And you don’t have a telescope in your house.

Well, there is a piece of good news for you. You don’t need to buy a telescope or visit any space center to see into the depth of the sky.

Here’s Google sky for you. Just like Google Earth, you can see into the sky in different ways like infrared, microwave as well as historical.

You can learn about different galaxies of the universe. And also, see different patterns of stars in the sky.

The quality of the images is really good. I think you should explore this at least once.

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2. Load Cached Version of Any site.

Well, I don’t find this very useful. But for your information, I’m telling you this.

You can load the cached version of any website by typing “Cache:example.com”. For example, look at this picture. When I searched for “cache:techquery.in”, I got this.

Here you can see there are 2 things to notice.

11 Ways to use Google like a pro

First: It shows the time and date when this website was cached.

Second: It shows three versions of the website

Full, text-only and the view source of the website.

The full version displays the site as it is. I mean the actual view of the site.

When you click on Text-only version, it shows the only HTML with no formatting just like notepad.

And the last one that is ‘view source’. It displays the source code of the website.

If you don’t know what source code means then you can understand it as

“It is the basic front End coding of any website that consists of HTML and some CSS codes of any site.

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3. Search Specific File type

This is very very important for school and college students. When you get any presentation project in your school or anything else.

This trick can make your work easy. In this trick, you just need to type “filetype:”  then the extension of the file and the search term. For example, if you want to search “Networking” and you want a pdf file of it then search “filetype: pdf networking” and you’ll result like this:

11 ways to use Google like a pro

So, it is really interesting, isn’t it! Similarly, you can search for many filetypes like filetype: ppt for presentation, filetype:xlx for spreadsheet and much more.

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4. What’s this Song?

You have heard about “Google Assistant” right? It is an artificial Intelligence based virtual personal assistant.  If you have an Android phone then I’m sure that you have used it.

But, do you know that your this assistant can also recognize songs for you?

Yes! just press your Home tab and release it. Then click on What’s this song? or you can also speak yourself. It’ll take a moment and then show you the name of that song with full lyrics, information, and the link to play.

This is really helpful for song lovers.

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4. Use Google as a Proxy

If a certain website is blocked in your location like a college campus or in your country. And you have a doughty mind.

You want to access that site but don’t want to use VPN then you can use Google translate as a proxy and access it.

For example, a website www.example.com is blocked in your college and you need to access it. Then, Open Google translate and type example.com and click translate. You’ll get a link to that website like this:

Just click on the link and you’ll able to open that website. Because this website is being accessed through Google’s server.

 5.  Use Google like a Dictionary

Ok, have you installed a third-party dictionary in your smartphone? If yes, then you should uninstall it.

Well, I don’t have any app on my phone. And I don’t need any app basically.

Do I know everything?

Of course not! I often get stuck in many words when I don’t know the exact meaning of a word. What I do then?

Simple, Google helps me to know the meaning of that word. I use Google translate as a dictionary. Or, I just type ‘example meaning in Hindi‘.

And Google tells me the meaning of that word in Hindi.

6. Remove a particular term from search results.

Suppose, you want to search about fruits but you don’t want oranges in your search results. What will you do?

No idea? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to do then.

Just type “Fruits -oranges” and hit Enter. That’s it.

Similarly, if you want to search for Operating systems but you don’t want Windows in your results. Then type “Operating system -windows” and hit Enter.

It’s easy, isn’t it? Ok, let’s move further.

7. Use Google Wild Card

Have you solved the “Fill in the blanks” questions in your school time? I think we all have done this.

In Wild card search, Google does exactly the same for you. Here you just need to add a “* ” in your search query. Let’s see an example to understand it.

Suppose you want to know “who is the founder of Google?” Then you can search “The founder of Google is *” Google will show you all founders of Google.  Something like this.11 ways to use google like a pro Quick Google Hacks

8. Search in history

So… You want to know about certain news in past. What would you do? You search but get the latest news about that term and you got frustrated. Don’t worry, just use the right tool.

In this situation, you can use the ‘time range search’ feature of Google. For example, you want to know about cyber attacks between the time range of 2010 to 2012.

Then you can search like “cyber attacks 2010..2012” and hit enter. You’ll get all the updates in that period of time.

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9. Let Google Define

Well, it’s also the same as Dictionary. Here you just need to type define after that add a colon (:) and the end just type your search term. And that’s all Google will provide you the definition of that term. For example: If you want the definition of the term ‘blog’ then just type ‘define: blog’. 

And that’s it. You will get the definition of that word on the top of results.

10. Use Google as a Calculator.

We all use the calculator, right? And we use Google too. But do you know that you can use Google as a calculator and not just a calculator but also a unit converter?

Just type the calculation value and Google will give you the answer.  You can also convert the currency like USD to INR. Or, 500 USD TO INR.

11. Big Answers to Mind-Bending Questions.

Search for “answer to life, the universe, and everything” and you’ll get your answer. It’s a real thinker. Of course, Douglas Adams fans knew the answer without having to search for it.

See also: “the loneliest number,” “once in a blue moon” and “number of horns on a unicorn” for a few other cool calculations.


We all use Google and it has become an important part of our life we use it very frequently. And I think, knowing the right way to use anything can make our life easier. In Quick Google hacks article you came to know many things that you didn’t know before.

So, let me know how is this article and how did it help you.