Microsoft’s Android phones fact or rumor?

Smartphones are the future and heart of the computer world and no one can deny this fact. Every company wants to lead this industry. Microsoft also tried to enter into this mobile industry by acquiring Nokia but brutally failed. Microsoft had come with its own mobile version of Windows OS but Android and I OS kicked it out.

And then Microsoft had to quit and company’s CEO Satya Nadela called it one of the worst decision of acquiring Nokia. Finally it sold Nokia with a great loss.

Now reports says that Microsoft is working on Android-powered mobile devices. I don’t know whether it’s true or just rumor but it’s one of the craziest news for now.

Microsoft’s Android phones fact or rumor?

It’s true that Microsoft develops apps for Android phone. It has about 88 apps on Play store which includes Office suit, One drive, launcher etc. Its apps have a great impact on Android as some of them come by default with some brands.

Now, a report from Windows Latest claims that Microsoft is planning to make Android phones. They also provided a screenshot of an interaction between a customer representative and a customer.

I don’t whether it is true or just a rumor because company hasn’t made any official statement on this.

We also had a rumor that Microsoft is making new type devices Surface Phone and Andromeda that is rumored that it will be launched next year.  And that’s why it’s difficult to trust on this claim too.

Well here is that screenshot from Windows Latest.

Microsoft's Android phones


Conclusion :

Well, Microsoft’s Android phones rumor makes some sense in terms of profit and sales over the surface phone and Andromeda. But still, we can’t trust this news blindly because it’s really not convincing that a customer service agent would have this kind of inside information unless the launch was imminent, and if it was this probably wouldn’t be the first we’re hearing about it.

Perhaps it’s also possible that the customer service agent got confused and was talking about Microsoft selling another company’s Android phone on its store.

We should also keep this in our mind that it’s not an official announcement from the company so we should keep calm until company makes any statement on this topic.