5 Things You Should Know About Know About “Delete for Everyone”

WhatsApp has rolled out its new feature Delete for Everyone for everyone, earlier it was only available in Beta version. With the help of this feature you can now delete the sent message even from the recipient chat. But there is still something that you should know about. Here are these 5 things for you.
1. You can use Delete for Everyone feature only for up to 7 minutes after sending. If you don’t delete the message within 7 minutes, there is no way to delete it then.
2. The feature will only work in the latest version of WhatsApp. If recipient’s WhatsApp is not updated then you will not able to delete the message.
3. You will not be notified in any way if the deleting for everyone was not successful.
4. If you successfully deleted the message for everyone, the message will be replaced with “This message was deleted”. Similarly if you see “This message was deleted”, It means that the sender has deleted the message for everyone.
5. The recipient may see the message before the deletion or it the delete for everyone was not successful.