Six Most Useful Features Of Android That You Should Know

Top Six Most Useful Features of Android Android is full of awesome features that many of us don’t even know. Common people who are not so tech-friendly are totally unaware of the power of Android. They usually use their just for calls, watching videos and much more up to Facebook, […]

5 Things You Should Know About Know About “Delete for Everyone”

WhatsApp has rolled out its new feature Delete for Everyone for everyone, earlier it was only available in Beta version. With the help of this feature you can now delete the sent message even from the recipient chat. But there is still something that you should know about. Here are […]

WhatsApp Is To Add Payment feature Very Soon

WhatsApp is all set to join the market of online payments. According to reports Facebook-owned chat platform WhatsApp will introduce payment feature to its users in India very soon. It will a big move because WhatsApp has a very large user support (200 million) in India that will definitely create […]

Virtual Private Network- Deeply Explained

Virtual Private Network Virtual Private Network or VPN, as the name suggests, its main job is to make a private network for you and to secure your internet surfing. It also makes you anonymous on the internet by hiding your actual IP and creating a new IP for you to […]

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Do you want to delete your Facebook account forever? Let’s see how to delete Facebook account permanently just in 6 easy steps without any third-party website or software. It’s not any trick or hack, it’s an Official way that Facebook provide itself. And, trust me it’s not going to be […]