How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Do you want to delete your Facebook account forever? Let’s see how to delete Facebook account permanently just in 6 easy steps without any third-party website or software. It’s not any trick or hack, it’s an Official way that Facebook provide itself. And, trust me it’s not going to be lengthy or time taking, You’ll be able to do it just in 2 or 3 minutes.

There are many reasons that lead us to delete our Facebook Account permanently for security reasons or any personal matter but many us only know to deactivate the ID. Recently when a big data leak scam came in public and then the co-founder of Whatsapp twitted and asked his followers to delete Facebook. Let’s see how to do it.


How to Delete Facebook Account permanently (6 steps):

Note: It will be better to use the standard version of www.Facebook.com instead of basic.

Step 1:

Go to Help & Settings >> Help Center or Click here to go to help section of Facebook

Step 2:

Click on Managing your Account

Step 3:

There you will see at the last Deactivating Or Deleting Your Account. Click on it.

Step 4:

Click on Four number option How do I permanently delete my account?

Step 5:

When you click on How do I permanently delete my account a new page will open where let us know will be of blue color click on the blue text.

Step 6:

Enter your password and click on submit.

Your Account will be deactivated from the site and then be deleted after 14 days. You can stop the deletion by logging in within 14 days.

If you have still any confusion about this you can watch this video.