Virtual Private Network- Deeply Explained

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network or VPN, as the name suggests, its main job is to make a private network for you and to secure your internet surfing. It also makes you anonymous on the internet by hiding your actual IP and creating a new IP for you to make you intractable. It encrypts the data you are surfing that makes your surfing secured.  The benefit of the encryption of data is if anyone tries to intercept your data during the process of payment or other things, it’ll be quiet impossible for the attacker to fetch the data.

  • How does it make us Anonymous?

It creates a tunnel for the movement of data and also creates a virtual IP address that makes you anonymous and secured.

  • Who uses VPN?

VPN service is used by many big companies to professional hackers and also by individuals. Companies use high-level VPN services to encrypt their data to secure the data from hackers. And hackers use VPN services to make the anonymous by hiding their IP address.

  • Is it Free or Paid? 

It is available in both free and paid version but almost every expert recommend paid version of VPN for better service,  security and also for the trust the service providers. The free version has trust issue that they can sell your data records to third parties.

  • Advantages of using VPN.

There are a lot of advantages of using a high-quality VPN.

     1. Access to blocked websites.

As I told you that it creates virtual IP address for you of many countries. It means one can use the IP address of US while sitting in India. This benefits them who want to surf a website that is banned or restricted in their countries. By using VPN they can easily surf those websites with just one click.

     2. Better Privacy.

It encrypts your data that increases the privacy especially when your surfing any sensitive webpage. If anyone tries to steal your browsing history by attacking your network.

  • Limitations or disadvantages of using VPN. 

There is a phrase in English that every coin has two faces, it fits on VPN too. Companies like Facebook and Google are too much concerned about their user’s account safety and also about frauds. So they have installed such types of system that can detect if anyone is using VPN and in some cases, Facebook has blocked the user temporarily or permanently. Facebook and Google like companies keep the records of your IP addresses from where you normally surf but when you use the VPN it suddenly changes the IP address that makes them alert.

And VPN in itself is not illegal but if you do wrong things on the internet by using VPN then be careful no one is 100% anonymous. If you do restricted things the VPN service providers may inform the government which chances are not so high. Enjoy.