How To Enable 64-Bit Option In Virtual Box?

Enable 64-Bit Option in Virtual Box

Enable the 64-bit option in the Virtual box – Hello Friends, when you want to try to any other operating system in your desktop, the first thing that comes to mind is Oracle Virtual Box. But, if you have a 64-bit system then, you will find that it doesn’t show the 64-bit option in it to install the 64-Bit option operating system. And you can’t install a 32-Bit operating system in your system because it shows error. Then you try a lot of tricks enable 64-bit option in Virtual box but, most of those tricks does not work.

I also faced this problem and tried a lot of things like reinstalling the Virtual Box. I thought maybe it is happening due to the version of the VB machine so, I tried different versions of it but, the problem was same then I came to know about it that I am going to share with you.

So, let us start the tutorial to enable the 64 bit option in the Virtual Box. Follow me step by step.
We will do this in two parts:-

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First Part:

In the first part, we will enable Hyper V option which is very important’ If it is already enabled leave it as it is. Let’s see how to do this.

Step 1:

Go to Control Panel

Step 2:

Go to Programs

Step 3:

Click on Turn Windows feature on or off

Step 4:

Now find Hyper V and Uncheck if it is checked or leave it. Now close the control panel and move to the second part.

Second Part

In the second part, we will enter in the boot menu and then make some changes there. Follow the steps carefully.

Step 1:

Go to Settings and then click on Recovery Option

Step 2:

In the Recovery, menu click on Restart where you will see a blue screen with some options

Step 3:

Click on Troubleshoot

Step 4:

Now Go to Advance Options

Step 5:

Now click on UEFI Firmware settings

Step 6:

Click on Restart

Step 7:

And at last, step Go to Configuration menu, find Intel Virtual Technology and just Enable it.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any query or suggestion related to this topic please do comment.