11 Essential Tips To Improve Smartphone’s Performance

Tips To Improve Smartphone’s Performance

The Smartphone is a very essential gadget in our daily to daily life and Smartphone’s performance means a lot.

I don’t think I need to talk more about Smartphone because almost all of us are already familiar with it. There is a strong possibility that you might be reading this article on a Smartphone.

Hence, the Smartphone is important for us in such a large aspect then Smartphone’s performance must be good. We should take care of it so that we can use it effectively and for a long time.

Here I’ll tell you about the eleven most important tips. These would help you to improve your Smartphone’s performance without installing any silly third-party app.

1. Uninstall all speed booster, memory cleaner apps.

In the name of boosting battery life boosting speed, we do install a lot of third-party apps. Those apps just ruin your Smartphone and do nothing else.

It’s true that your memory cleaner, battery saver apps are decreasing your Smartphone’s life.

When you continually clean up your memory these third-party apps kill system apps processes too and your system restarts those apps again that consume a lot of CPU power in restarting them all.

The motive of often used apps in the background or in RAM is to decrease the consumption of CPU and battery power.

You can understand it with an example, suppose you have an electronics store. The most common thing that most of the people ask for is a certain feature phone. In this case, what will you do?

Obviously, you’ll keep that feature phone at the place that is nearest to you so that you can reach that easily.

Same is with the Smartphone, your Smartphone keeps all those apps in its RAM that you open most so that it can save time and power.

You should also not worry about background apps because your Smartphone is enough smart in itself. It closes automatically that you have not used for a long time and frees up space for a new process.

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2. Restart your phone at least 2-3 times in a week.

We sleep 6-8 hours per day so that we can feel fresh. We also work with more focus and perfection after taking a proper sleep. If we don’t do so we start feeling lazy and do a lot of mistakes.

Same is with our Smartphone, ok! calm down, my friend. I am not saying that you should keep your Smartphone for 6-8 hours a day.

I just want to say that you should restart/reboot your phone at least 2-3 times in a week so that your phone can work properly.

If you have a high power processor and high memory you can do it once in a week.

Basically, when you reboot your phone, the phone starts everything fresh just like when you wake up in the morning and feel fresh.


3. Disable those system apps that you don’t use.

In Android phones, there are a lot of apps system apps that we never use or use occasionally. These apps are pre-installed by the manufacturers.

These apps are kept in root folder where a normal user is not allowed to get access to the root folder and so you can not uninstall them unless you have not rooted your phone.

But just for this don’t root your phone because there are a lot of drawbacks of rooting phones. So coming to the point, these apps occupy a lot of space in our device storage.

One way to get rid of these apps is, of course, rooting your phone but this is not the right path so you can disable them.

When you disable these apps the memory frees up and it also decreases the battery usage and increases the smartphone’s performance

4. Protect your Smartphone from high temperature.

We all know that overheating is not good for Smartphone or all the digital devices. Recently we all have heard about Smartphone catching fire. This is because our Smartphone generates a lot of heat itself.

If you keep your phone near heat or directly into sunlight, it can cause it to catch fire. If your phone is getting heated, switch off your phone immediately and then remove the back cover and let it cool down. Well, this is the extreme condition but it may happen then be careful about it.

5. Don’t keep your phone in the too cold environment.

Well, keeping your phone away from heat doesn’t mean that you should keep your phone in refrigerator or cold storage.

Too low temperature can also harm your Smartphone. In low temperatures, phones need to put extra effort to keep itself warm that why keeping your phone at low temperature can cause your phone to consume more battery power.

6. Always keep some memory free.

Your mobile phone also needs some storage space to work properly.

Actually, there are two types of memory one is the primary memory and the second one is the secondary memory.

RAM and ROM (Internal memory) are considered as primary memory and the drives or cards that you use on your PC or Smartphone are considered as Secondary memory.

When you run any program from secondary memory first it copies that program into primary memory. If there is no space in primary memory, it will take a lot of time to load that program.

7. Too much apps can decrease your smartphone’s performance.

We all know that the number of apps installed has a great impact on your Smartphone’s performance.

Many of us have a bad habit that we install many apps for any reason and we never use them. Those apps eat the battery power as well as memory.

We can save a lot of battery power and free up hundreds of MBs memory by uninstalling unused apps. This act of uninstalling those apps not only helps us to manage battery and memory but also helps to maintain our privacy.

Many apps ask for permissions and then run in the background to upload data to their servers using your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

8. Charge your phone smartly.

This means if you keep some simple things in your mind you can increase the life of your battery as well as your phone.

    (i) Increase the discharge cycle.

If you charge your phone multiple times a day then you should change this habit. Not all, but many companies decide the battery life by counting the numbers of phone’s discharge cycle.

You should charge your phone when the battery is below 20% charged and charge till it is fully charged or up to 90%.

This would increase the number of the cycle that you connect your phone for charging.

     (ii) Don’t use your phone while it’s charging.

When do I say you should not use your phone while charging you might think that what is the problem with using the phone while charging?

So the answer is, it can damage your phone and battery. As I mentioned above that the phone produces heat, and you should know that the charging process also produces heat.

In this case, if you use your phone when it is plugged in then it can decrease the life of your battery.

9. Don’t use too many widgets on your home page.

I have seen many friends using useless widgets on the home screen of the phone. But, you should know that widgets consume a lot of phone resources.

This can affect your Smartphone’s performance, you can check it yourself. Just record how much memory is being in use before and after using widgets on the home screen of your phone.

10. Turn off unnecessary syncing.

Well, syncing is good in itself but unnecessary syncing in the background can slow down your phone.

The syncing process requires a lot of phone resources that can prevent other apps to work properly. For this, you’ll have to go to settings and then accounts.

There you can find a list of apps that check for updates and sync data. You can disable it manually.

11. Use data saver while you are browsing.

If you are a Chrome user then you should definitely try this. If you thinking that how the use of data saver can boost the speed of my Smartphone then, you are right this won’t go to boost the speed of your mobile phone.

But it will definitely boost the loading speed of any webpage. When you use the data saver the browser it optimizes the pages so it can load faster.

You can switch to the original version at any moment. This feature is also available in many other web browsers.


These are the most useful tips that can definitely improve your Smartphone’s performance. Well, no tips can do any magic to make your phone work super fast.

your smartphone’s performance and speed depend on the hardware and the software of the device.

All these tips are just to give you an idea that how your phone gets slower over time and how you can get rid of this problem so that you can use your phone in a better way.

Have you tried these tips? Comment your experience.