6 Ways Hackers Can Hack Your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms or you can say the most popular social platform for no doubt. According to Statista, it has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users. And, It’s really big data, isn’t it? Today, We all have a Facebook account. Well! I know, many of you have more than one account, Am I right?

Ok, leave it, Today’s topic has nothing to do with the number of Facebook accounts you have. Today’ I’m going to tell you how hackers can hack your Facebook account. I’ll also tell you how you can protect yourself from this Cyber Attack.

Facebook account hacking techniques

1. Phishing

Phishing is an old and the most common technique that is used to hack Facebook account as well as other social media accounts.

It is basically a fraud in which the attacker creates a login page exactly same as Facebook’s login page.

Once he ( attacker) creates the login page then he sends the link to target person with attractive offers. If the targeted person enters correct details to login, the details are sent to hacker’s database. And the page is redirected to original log in page (not in all cases).

How to protect?

  •  Avoid clicking on any suspicious link.
  • Check the URL if it is www.facebook.com or not. If it’s not correct, leave it.
  •  First, enter incorrect details, if it accepts the data without showing any error then it’s a phishing link.

2. Social Engineering

Many of us have a habit of using our phone numbers, own or other’s name, date of birth etc. as a password. This can be dangerous because these things are publicly available and are easy to guess.

If you have also a bad habit like this then you should know that anybody without having any technical knowledge can guess your password by applying all of these one-by-one.

How to protect?

  • Use a password that no one can guess.
  • Avoid using your name, date of birth or other guessable things as a password.

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3. Keylogging

Keylogging is basically a monitoring system that parents and business owners use to monitor the activities of their children and employees respectively.

But attackers also use it to steal social media accounts.

It is done with the help of either a software program or a hardware called keylogger. Keylogger records every keystroke that you hit on the keyboard and sends to the attacker.



How to protect?

  • Avoid log in your Facebook or other social accounts on other’s computer.
  • If it’s urgent try using on-screen keyboard instead of a physical keyboard.
  • Use paid anti-virus that has anti-keylogger feature.

4. Stealers

Do you use save password option when you log in to your Facebook account through any browser? If yes, then your one of those 80% people who do this.

There is nothing wrong with it until one has access to your device. The problem with this saved password is that passwords and login id are saved in plain text that can easily be stolen.

How to protect?

  • Avoid using default password manager of your browser.
  • Instead, you can use a paid and trusted password manager.

5. Session Hijacking

When you log in to your account a session is generated automatically in a cookie file. If someone steals that cookie file it’s known as session hijacking or cookie theft.

Once the attacker got that file he can easily use it to authenticate himself as you(victim) on a website.

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How to protect?

  • Don’t allow everyone to access your laptop/computer.
  • If you feel any suspicious activity just end up that session and start a new session.

6. Mobile phone hacking

Mobile is the key to our privacy, isn’t it! According to Statista, 95.1% of Facebook users access their account through Smartphones.Facebook account I mean that all of us have logged in our Facebook account on our mobile phone.

And just think What will happen if your mobile phone is hacked?

If one has access to your phone then he can easily change your account’s password and login details through account recovery option.

How to protect?

  • Avoid installing third-party apps on your device.
  • Avoid installing moded apps.
  • Use a strong lock password.

Still, have any doubt? Comment your query or opinion in comments.