Bharat Operating System Solutions- BOSS Linux

Update - 2019.04.13

BOSS Linux

We all have heard of many Linux distributions like Kali-Linux, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora and even the popular smartphone operating system Android is also based on Linux kernel. Ok! so from the first line of the article, you may have guessed that today I am going to talk about any distribution of Linux. Wait! It’s not Kali-Linux or Ubuntu or anything that you already know about. Today, I going to talk about India’s own operating system BOSS Linux. Yes! the Indian version of Linux. BOSS stands for Bharat Operating System Solutions which is developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC). It is a free open source Debian based operating system.

The first release was named Sethu and then after many versions of BOSS Linux were released.

VersionGeneration NameRelease date
Linux EvaluationSethu
Linux v1.0Tarang10-01-2007
Linux v2.0Anant17-09-2007
Linux server01-2008
Linux 3.0Tejas04-09-2008
Linux 4.0Savir02-08-2012
Linux 5.0Anokha23-122013
Linux 6.0Anoop04-03-2015
Linux 7.0DristhiAugust 2018

What is BOSS Linux?

Bharat Operating System Solutions or BOSS Linux is a free and open source operating system designed to meet India’s own operating system requirements. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Its default desktop environment is GNOME that is also in Kali Linux and other popular Linux distributions. The latest version of BOSS Linux BOSS 7 Drishti works on GNOME Desktop Environment 3.22. It is available in a wide range of Indian languages that makes it easy to use for them who don’t know English very well. The multilingual feature also decreases the dependency and creates a wider boundary of opportunities.

Since CDAC has developed it and CDAC is itself is government organization. Hence, the government of India is also promoting BOSS Linux on a large scale to reach the maximum number of people. According to BOSS Linux official website, the OS has been deployed on more than 2.5 million devices.

Features BOSS Linux

It comes with many free open source packages like Libre Office, BOSS document converter, VLC media player, Chromium and Firefox browser.  BOSS Linux also consists of basic games like chess, sudoku and some other low-level games for timepass.

It has an Evolution email manager and also an inbuilt dictionary. for the spreadsheet works, it has Libre Office calc like MS-excel in Windows.

Variation Of BOSS Linux

As per the need, CDAC has launched four variations of BOSS Linux. Latest version variations are BOSS 7 (Drishti), BOSS 6 (Anoop), EduBOSS4, BOSS Savir, and BOSS Mool. Let’s talk a little about all one by one.

BOSS 6 Anoop

CDAC has designed BOSS 6 or Anoop for governmental and normal use. It works on GNOME 3.14.4 desktop environment.

It’s available in multiple Indian Languages so that people from different parts of India who don’t know English well can also access it. If you are a programmer then it also has Ajunta for programming

BOSS 7 Drishti

The BOSS 7 (Drishti) is the latest version of BOSS Linux. It is the updated version of BOSS 6. It has some improvements like now it has a search bar to search application just like we have in Windows and other Operating systems.

The Anoop was running on GNOME 3.14.4 Desktop environment while Drishti comes with GNOME 3.22 Desktop environment. It means you’ll get smoother User interface.

Drishti has Libreoffice 6.1.0 with a lot of new features inside. like

  • A new start center gives previews and easy access to recently used documents
  • Word – compatible text highlighting
  • New spreadsheet functions
  • Inbuilt dictionaries and hunspell support
  • Improved PDF support
  • Updated scientific and number formats


EduBOSS 4 has been developed for educational purposes. Its main target is to provide smart educational tools to the educational institutes in India. It has many inbuilt features like educational games, paintings,  typing tutorials, etc.

EduBOSS 4 also has many packages for teachers to teach subjects like maths, science and other subjects.

BOSS Server 2

BOSS Server 2 is really an advanced variation.  I am saying this because according to BOSS Linux, it has almost all the features that a server needs.

For example, it has Webmin, Gadmin, PHP myadmin, PHP LDAP admin, PG admin for the administration.

It also has features like a proxy server, database server, Web server, network server, file server, SMS server, mail server, and LDAP server, etc.


BOSS Mool is the last variation of the BOSS Linux that is a bit more advanced than BOSS 6. It is basically designed for Linux developers, especially who code in C++. It requires a lot of RAM even when you install it on Virtual Box. Focussed on the easy to maintain and also has a filter for system calls.

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Can Bharat Operating System Solutions Beat Windows?

In India, Market share of Windows Operating system is about 18.44% while the market share of

Linux Operating system is only 0.78%.

It is more than 23 times. If you see globally for desktop OS then Windows holds 82.55% of the market while Linux holds only 1.45 of it.

If I say that BOSS Linux will defeat Windows in terms of market share then it would be completely exaggeration and nothing else.

We are addicted to Windows and feel comfortable with it as we are using it for a long period of time.

And that’s why it would be difficult to remove Windows from the market but we can and we should try it.

Now you can ask why should I use it?

First of all Bharat Operating System Solutions our own Operating and so, it would give some sense of pride if you use it. Second thing is that it is an open source and that’s why it’s absolutely free.  So, it would save a lot of money not only for you but also of our country.