Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use? WhatsApp is a great tool for communication and it would not an exaggeration if I say that it is the most popular messaging app in the world. We all know if and we do use it in our daily life. It has a user base of more than 1.2 billion, Whoow! It’s really a big figure right! Today I am going to talk about GB WhatsApp. Did you hear about it? If you know about it then it’s cool and you don’t then don’t worry. I am going to answer all the questions related to GB WhatsApp. What is it? How does work? Is it safe or not? If it’s not then why? Let’s come to the first point.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a stolen and customized version of the original WhatsApp. I’ll explain to it why I’m calling it stolen version of the WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp is considered as a scam by many bloggers. WhatsApp has also called these apps including WhatsApp Gold and many other similar moded apps as a scam.

This app is developed by an Arab guy who has no official permission for it. GB WhatsApp misleads people by providing some colorful fancy themes and color options which are not available in original WhatsApp.

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Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

Before answering this question just think about a situation where you want to buy a 2 BHK flat. You contacted a certified dealer and he told you a price according to the local price of the flat.

Suddenly an unknown person comes and says that he can give you 3 BHK flat in the price of 2 BHK. When you asked for the original documents of the flat, he said that he hasn’t any original document of the flat.

Now, what will you do? Would you like to buy the flat from the certified dealer with original documents or from that unknown person?

I guess you would like to buy that flat from the certified dealer instead of that unknown person. Here, you cannot trust him because he is unknown and he has no original documents.

The situation is exactly the same in the case of WhatsApp. The guy who has developed this app is totally unknown to you. How you can trust this app! I think you should think about it.

Why should you not use this app?

I explained why it is not trustworthy. Now let’s see why you should not use this app.

1.     It is not available on the Google Play Store.

GB WhatsApp is not available on Play Store. You need to download its apk file from its website and then manually install it.

This is a big point of the doubt because if it is legit then it should be on Play Store. But the developer of this app knows that if Google scans it then it will be busted.

2.     You don’t get regular updates on time.

We all know that it is not an official app so it will take a long time to get an update. And there will be another update in original WhatsApp. So, if any bug found then it will take very long to fix that bug.

And you will be at risk for that period of time.

3.  It can monitor your activity on your mobile.

Well, before writing this article I tried the app and it’s good that it didn’t ask me for any permission that is not relevant. But it doesn’t mean that it is safe now.

It still has permission to access your contacts, messages, storage camera and mic. And why you want to be a pirate when you have the original.  It has full access to your chat so it can easily store and upload it to its servers.

Now, you will say that WhatsApp messages are encrypted then how it can store it. The answer is simple. WhatsApp encryption works only after sending the message and before receiving the message. It means it can store the messages before it’s sent.

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3.     WhatsApp will not help you if you face any problem while using it.

Suppose, you face any problem like data leak or anything while using GB WhatsApp then what will you do?

You will contact WhatsApp for help right? Sad to say but, WhatsApp won’t help you. They will simply say you were not using the official app so we can’t take the responsibility for your problem.

And there is nothing wrong because anybody even you will do the same if you will on the place of WhatsApp.

And a sad thing is that WhatsApp can take legal action against you for using a pirated version of WhatsApp and piracy is not legal in any way.

4.     It can store, sell or misuse your data.

You might have heard the line “Data is the new currency”. Most of the tech giants like Facebook, Google are making money from our data.

I mean to say you don’t know the price of your data.

When I talk about privacy protection people often say we are like open books we don’t have anything to hide. They are wrong because being open doesn’t mean that one should be careless about privacy.

Private photos are not only privacy that all think. Everything that you do online or offline is data. They can be stored, sold and misused. This app can store your contacts, chat history and many things.

5. It shows annoying ads.

WhatsApp is popular for its clear screen feature. The clear screen means to say it doesn’t show any ad on the screen.

As I mentioned in my previous point that I tried this app to see the functionality of the app, I noticed that it shows pop-ups asking to like and follow on different-different social media platforms.

Besides this, it was also showing promotional ads. It can spoil your overall user experience because official WhatsApp doesn’t show any ad. And that’s why I use it.

 Let’s know about some other WhatsApp scams:

1. Fake Links containing Offers.

This is really annoying that people send links to many stupid offers. This is totally a fraud no one is going to give you anything for free and everyone should admit it.

2. WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp Gold made millions of dollars by fooling people. It started with a message with an invitation to update the app to the Gold version. When people clicked on the link they were asked to pay to enable the premium features as WhatsApp Gold.

3. WhatsApp spy.

This is a third-party app that allows you to spy the WhatsApp conversation of others. This is another scam because if it can read then it can store too.


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4. Apk or media files from an unknown number.

If you get any file either it is a media file or apk file from an unknown number or any person you should not trust, just delete it. There are a lot of tools that allow binding malicious scripts into any apk file or media file.

5. Third-party tricks apps.

There are many third-party apps that claim that they can help you practice many tricks for WhatsApp. For example, many apps on play store and many websites allow you to see the deleted messages of your contacts. Basically, these apps ask you to give the permission to monitor your activity and after getting the permission it runs in the background and monitors your WhatsApp messages and stores it so if anyone deletes the message it stores before the deletion. Now, the problem with these apps is that they have full freedom to access your apps and they can easily misuse this freedom.

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