What is cryptojacking? How to detect, and recover from it?

Today almost every one of us knows about cryptocurrency. It has become very popular in last few months when the price of the Bitcoin reached the highest. But Bitcoin is not the only currency. There are more cryptocoins like Lite coin, Monero and now the Reliance Jio has announced to launch its own cryptocurrency called Jio coin.

These coins are earned through mining. Mining is the process in which transactions are verified if and for this minor gets some coin as commission. But mining is not easy as it cannot be done with just a CPU power it needs a setup and great power supply. Hackers now discovered a new way to mine these coins. They use some JavaScript in websites to use the CPU power of the visitor’s computer. Here, I am going clear all the queries related the cryptojacking.

  1. What is Cryptojacking or Web mining?

As mentioned above, crypto jacking is a malicious script. It used in websites to use the visitor’s computer’s CPU power for the mining of cryptocurrencies. These scripts do not need to install or any permission for using the CPU powers. It works anonymously in the background without leaving any clue.

  1. Is it harmful or beneficial? Does it steal our personal data?

Many websites have said that they provide a clean interface to their users without any add so for the survival we use this trick.

But, it is harmful to the health of your computer because if every website will start doing this then it will use  your computer in peak state that will definitely harm the processor as well as it will also increase your electric bill.

As it comes to privacy there is no any case of data stealing.

  1. Any case of cryptojacking?

Yes, a very popular torrent website thepiratebay had accepted that they had run a test program where they used this trick to provide an ad-free screen to their visitors.

Another case is mentioned in a blog wired that a customer using a public Wi-Fi at a Buenos Aires Starbucks discovered that someone had manipulated the Wi-Fi system, delaying the connection in order to mine Monero with shoppers’ devices.

  1. How would I know if I am a victim and how can I protect myself from it?

    As I have mentioned above, It starts working instantly as you visit any Scripted website. It works anonymously in backgroung without your permission and information. That’s why it’s somehow difficult to identify. But there are many things from which you can identify a scripted website..
    (i) Every website needs a source of revenue to continue their service. And almost all of them get that revenue from ads. If any website has a clean ad-free interface then its get alert it may contain that script.
    (ii) Maybe the website owner has no idea that someone has hacked into his website and manipulated for mining. In that case, you’ll not get clear screen then you will have to give attention on the fan of your PC. As I have told earlier that it uses your computer CPU and if your PC starts getting hot abnormally and your fan starts running fast then something is suspicious and you should exit from that website immediately.

Now, let’s come to how will you protect yourself from this?
As I said it uses JavaScript then you can use add-ons and extensions that block JavaScript on web pages. For example in Chrome, there is an Extension called No Coin. This extension is especially for preventing you from crypto jacking scripts, you can also whitelist your trusted websites in this extension. Similarly, you can search for add-ons for Firefox browser.