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Sophia Robot – Almost Human Or Publicity Stunt

Sophia robot, a human-looking robot that drew a lot of media and people attention towards it. It started getting more media coverage after a controversial statement “I will destroy humans”. But wait! Can it do any such thing? At first, when I came to know about this statement, I  was also […]

What is Artificial Intelligence? Benefits & Risks Of AI

What is artificial intelligence- We all have heard a lot about artificial intelligence or AI. It has become the trend in the tech market. Every single tech giant companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon etc. seems to be crazy about it. But all are not in favor of it. […]

IBM’s Project Debater uses Artificial Intelligence to Debate

Computers Can Debate- Project Debater Did you think ever that computers can debate like a professional debater? Oh yeah, it going to be possible very soon and this is going to happen with the tech giant’s latest AI Project Debater. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence it seems that all […]

Bharat Operating System Solutions- BOSS Linux

BOSS Linux We all have heard of many Linux distributions like Kali-Linux, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora and even the popular smartphone operating system Android is also based on Linux kernel. Ok! so from the first line of the article, you may have guessed that today I am going to talk about […]