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Sophia Robot – Almost Human Or Publicity Stunt

Sophia robot, a human-looking robot that drew a lot of media and people attention towards it. It started getting more media coverage after a controversial statement “I will destroy humans”. But…

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what is Artificial Intelligence, AI

What is Artificial Intelligence? Benefits & Risks Of AI

What is artificial intelligence- We all have heard a lot about artificial intelligence or AI. It has become the trend in the tech market. Every single tech giant companies like…

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IBM Project debater uses Artificial Intelligence

IBM’s Project Debater uses Artificial Intelligence to Debate

Computers Can Debate- Project Debater Did you think ever that computers can debate like a professional debater? Oh yeah, it going to be possible very soon and this is going…

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Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS Linux)

Bharat Operating System Solutions- BOSS Linux

BOSS Linux We all have heard of many Linux distributions like Kali-Linux, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora and even the popular smartphone operating system Android is also based on Linux kernel. Ok!…

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