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IBM’s Project Debater uses Artificial Intelligence to Debate

Computers Can Debate- Project Debater Did you think ever that computers can debate like a professional debater? Oh yeah, it going to be possible very soon and this is going to happen with the tech giant’s latest AI Project Debater. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence it seems that all […]

Say No to GB Whatsapp Scam

 GB WhatsApp Scam: WhatsApp is a great tool for communication and it would not an exaggeration if I say that it is the most popular messaging app in the world. We all know if and we do use it in our daily life. It has a user base of more […]

11 Essential Tips To Improve Smartphone’s Performance

Tips To Improve Smartphone’s Performance The Smartphone is a very essential gadget in our daily to daily life and Smartphone’s performance means a lot. I don’t think I need to talk more about Smartphone because almost all of us are already familiar with it. There is a strong possibility that […]

Top 7 best Cyber Security Firefox Add-ons

A Complete list of Best Firefox Add-ons For Desktop Internet is the fastest and one of the best way for getting information about anything. We all use it to communicate with people around the globe, for banking, online gaming, dating shopping and much more. The number of internet users is […]

Browser Extension And Add-on-Deeply Explained

Browser Extension Hello Friends, today I’ll be talking about browser extension. I’ll take examples and tips from two popular browsers the first one is, of course, Google Chrome and the second one also my favorite browser Firefox. So, let’s gets started. An Extension is an extra feature or you can […]

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Do you want to delete your Facebook account forever? Let’s see how to delete Facebook account permanently just in 6 easy steps without any third-party website or software. It’s not any trick or hack, it’s an Official way that Facebook provide itself. And, trust me it’s not going to be […]