facebook account

6 Ways Hackers Can Hack Your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms or you can say the most popular social platform for no doubt. According to Statista, it has more than 2.2…

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What is an IP address

What is an (Internet protocol) IP Address

IP Address Have you ever sent any letter post or anything from the courier or ordered something from any online shopping website? If yes, then you know that they ask…

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Smartphone's performance, Techquery

11 Essential Tips To Improve Smartphone’s Performance

Tips To Improve Smartphone’s Performance The Smartphone is a very essential gadget in our daily to daily life and Smartphone’s performance means a lot. I don’t think I need to…

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Add-ons, Cookie manager

Top 7 best Cyber Security Firefox Add-ons

A Complete list of Best Firefox Add-ons For Desktop Internet is the fastest and one of the best way for getting information about anything. We all use it to communicate…

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Browser extesion-tecquery

Browser Extension And Add-on-Deeply Explained

Browser Extension Hello Friends, today I’ll be talking about browser extension. I’ll take examples and tips from two popular browsers the first one is, of course, Google Chrome and the…

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How to enable 64-bit option in Virtual Box

How To Enable 64-Bit Option In Virtual Box?

Enable 64-Bit Option in Virtual Box Enable the 64-bit option in the Virtual box – Hello Friends, when you want to try to any other operating system in your desktop,…

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Virtual Private Network top free vpn ap

Top Five Free VPN Apps for Android

Top Five Free VPN Apps for Android So guys, welcome back to TechQuery. In my previous article, I had explained what is VPN and how it works? I had also…

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What is cryptojacking

What is cryptojacking? How to detect, and recover from it?

Today almost every one of us knows about cryptocurrency. It has become very popular in last few months when the price of the Bitcoin reached the highest. But Bitcoin is…

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Top Six Most Useful Features of Android

Six Most Useful Features Of Android That You Should Know

Top Six Most Useful Features of Android Android is full of awesome features that many of us don’t even know. Common people who are not so tech-friendly are totally unaware…

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Virtual Private Network top free vpn ap

Virtual Private Network- Deeply Explained

Virtual Private Network Virtual Private Network or VPN, as the name suggests, its main job is to make a private network for you and to secure your internet surfing. It…

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