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What is Android Phone Rooting? If you have heard of Linux Operating systems, then you might have heard about root user or superuser. A root user is a person ...


Best VPN services to use: We use  VPNs for many reasons. But the ultimate motive behind using a VPN(Virtual Private Network) is the same for all. And that is ...


Quick Google Hacks: We know and we use Google, Right! But Do you really use it as a pro?  I don't know about you but in general, many of us don't know Google ...

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Sometimes you don't want to show something to anyone and you need to hide a number of files or the entire drive for a certain reason.Fortunately, Windows ...


Today every single site on the web is talking about your online privacy protection. And taking the oath that they will take care of our privacy more than gold. ...


Best Ways To Earn Money onlineOnline earning is one of the trends in the present time and it's growing rapidly. It gives you freedom from your annoying ...


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms or you can say the most popular social platform for no doubt. According to Statista, it has more ...


Sophia robot, a human-looking robot that drew a lot of media and people attention towards it. It started getting more media coverage after a controversial ...


What is artificial intelligence- We all have heard a lot about artificial intelligence or AI. It has become the trend in the tech market. Every single tech ...


Many people think that blogging is easy and it's just about writing articles. But, Blogging has never been an easy task and If you are a blogger then you might ...

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  1. This feature is available in WordPress itself.
    I think you can do it through Jetpack.
    I have also mentioned one browser extension for this. It’s not automatic but it makes easy to share any page to any social media site.

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  6. Right,
    Elon Musk once warned Mark Zuckerberg but he ignored.
    Recently we all have heard that Facebook had to shut down its multimillion-dollar AI project.

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    Thank you so much for your interest.
    Yes I think most of these work on Chrome too.


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