facebook account

6 Ways Hackers Can Hack Your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms or you can say the most popular social platform for no doubt. According to Statista, it has more than 2.2…

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main keyword- sophia robot other keywords- ai robot ai robots humanoid female robots human looking robot first humanoid robot, hanson robotics

Sophia Robot – Almost Human Or Publicity Stunt

Sophia robot, a human-looking robot that drew a lot of media and people attention towards it. It started getting more media coverage after a controversial statement “I will destroy humans”. But…

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what is Artificial Intelligence, AI

What is Artificial Intelligence? Benefits & Risks Of AI

What is artificial intelligence- We all have heard a lot about artificial intelligence or AI. It has become the trend in the tech market. Every single tech giant companies like…

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Paytm money, invest in mutual funds

Paytm to set up ‘Paytm Money Limited’ to build Investment

No doubt Paytm is one of the biggest players in the digital payment industry In India. And it’s improving itself over year. We have seen a lot of changes and…

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Blogging, Firefox add-ons

8 most useful free Firefox add-ons for blogging

Many people think that blogging is easy and it’s just about writing articles. But, Blogging has never been an easy task and If you are a blogger then you might…

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Microsoft's Android phone

Microsoft’s Android phones fact or rumor?

Smartphones are the future and heart of the computer world and no one can deny this fact. Every company wants to lead this industry. Microsoft also tried to enter into…

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cyber attack

What is cyber attack?- Definition and protection

What is a cyber attack? Before starting this article on cyber attack, I want to show you something which will blow your mind. Reported Cyber incident increased from 82,000 in…

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IBM Project debater uses Artificial Intelligence

IBM’s Project Debater uses Artificial Intelligence to Debate

Computers Can Debate- Project Debater Did you think ever that computers can debate like a professional debater? Oh yeah, it going to be possible very soon and this is going…

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What is an IP address

What is an (Internet protocol) IP Address

IP Address Have you ever sent any letter post or anything from the courier or ordered something from any online shopping website? If yes, then you know that they ask…

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GB Whatsapp Scam

Say No to GB Whatsapp Scam

 GB WhatsApp Scam: WhatsApp is a great tool for communication and it would not an exaggeration if I say that it is the most popular messaging app in the world….

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